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New Albany OH Ranked the Best Suburb in America

After examining data on 2,754 municipalities across the country, Business Insider put together a list of America’s 50 best suburbs. They considered suburbs with populations between 5,000 and 100,000 within 40 kilometers of the nearest metropolitan area. They also factored in average commute times, median household income, poverty and crime rates, public-school ratings from, […]

The Importance of Real Estate Listing Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and could be worth thousands of dollars when it comes to attracting the right buyers to your home. Let’s face it, buyers form their first impression of your home based on the online listing. As they say, web appeal is the new curb appeal and clicks equal closings. […]

Coming Soon Listings

What Are Pocket or ‘Coming Soon’ Listings? You may have heard the terms: coming soon, off-MLS listings, office exclusives, waivered, exempted or pocket listings. Whatever you call them, they are all properties that are listed for sale with an MLS member BUT not included in the MLS and they each have their unique uses and […]

REAL ESTATE Hidden Homes For Sale

It’s no secret that the Columbus and Central Ohio Area real estate market can be a challenge. With increasing prices, ample demand, and limited inventory, the search for a home can often leave buyers feeling frustrated wondering not only if they’ll ever find their find their dream home, but how to go about finding homes […]

2016 BIA Parade of Homes – Verona

Verona is one of Powell’s most anticipated communities and will be the site of the 2016 BIA Parade of Homes. The community is being developed by Romanelli & Hughes on the site of the former Shamrock Golf Course and when complete will feature 112 single-family homes and 54 Patio Homes. In addition to the 18 sites designated for […]

Million-dollar homes: Which communities have the most luxury homes? COUNTDOWN

What are the most exclusive communities in Columbus and central Ohio and where are the majority of the city’s luxury homes located? Our area certainly has its fair share of million dollar homes and while you can find these lavish properties in just about any Central Ohio community, the vast majority of these homes are found in twelve communities. The Central Ohio community with the most homes […]

Tips to Avoid Over-Improving Your Home

Can your house ever be too nice? The answer is yes. Unfortunately, there’s no simple measure to determine what constitutes an over improvement. How much is too much, depends a lot on what improvements you undertake, what’s happening in your neighborhood and, in the end, your personal reasons for improving. That said, when you sell […]