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How To Get Blueprints Of Your Home

If you’re looking for the original plans of your home, for a renovation project or your own curiosity, there are ways to find them. What Are Blueprints? A blueprint is a reproduction of a technical drawing or engineering drawing used in the construction of a home and thus show a house as it was first constructed. […]

How the Economy Affects Home Equity

Residential real estate, including the home you live in, is an important component of the U.S. economy. The value of residential real estate minus the loans against it is one measure of economic health and has an influence on other parts of the economy. The 2007-2009 financial crisis was driven in part by a housing […]

Where are Central Ohio Home Prices Headed?

To understand where Central Ohio home prices are heading, we look at four key things: supply, demand, affordability and credit availability. While the first two components don’t tend to change quickly, affordability and credit availability can move very rapidly. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing now. The upshot is that because the overwhelming number of […]