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Roadmap for Homeowners Exiting Forbearance

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today released extensive mortgage servicing regulations it hopes will prevent “unwelcome surprises” for borrowers exiting forbearance. According to today’s final rule, servicers can initiate a foreclosure action only after the borrower has submitted a loss mitigation application, and either isn’t eligible for, breaks or rejects a loss mitigation agreement. […]

Avoid Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Homeowners in distress are often the focus of “easy out credit scammers.” These entities call themselves foreclosure rescue companies, foreclosure assistance firms, or something similar. The scammer offers empty promises to the distressed homeowner in an attempt to make a quick profit from the distressed homeowner’s misfortune. With these companies, in the end the homeowner […]

Short Sales / Foreclosures – How Long Can You Stay in Your Home After the Bank Files a Foreclosure Notice

If you’re having trouble making your mortgage payments and have already missed a couple of payments (or if you’re contemplating a strategic default), you may be wondering how long you’ll be able to stay in your home before the bank can repossess it. Before we dive into this topic I want to make it clear that FORECLOSURE […]

Short Sales

  With many Americans still facing the very real threat of foreclosure, many are looking for ways to avoid it. One option, and a topic that has garnered a lot of industry interest, is a real estate short sale. Short Sales have become an increasingly popular, and common foreclosure avoidance tactic for homeowners but what are […]