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Strong Home Sales, Limited Inventory Ahead of Coronavirus Uncertainty

Representing the last full month before the coronavirus became a global pandemic, February saw the third consecutive month of year-over-year increases in U.S. home sales—a streak not seen since 2015. At the same time, inventory across the report’s 53 metro markets plunged 15.8%, marking the fourth successive month of double-digit percentage, year-over-year declines. Locally, Central […]

Thinking Of Selling Your Home? Now May Be The Time.

Believe it or not the housing market has started even stronger this year than it did last year. Lower mortgage interest rates have been a driving force, this as the average 30-year rate in 2019, according to Freddie Mac, was 3.94%. Today that rate is closer to 3.5%. The Census Bureau also just reported the […]

The Truth About Real Estate Agent Finder Services

There are all kinds of business models that have been created in recent years to give home buyers and sellers options in how they handle their real estate needs, and how they locate an agent to assist them.   One business model has been expanding, that being “free services” that help home buyers and sellers […]

New Real Estate Reality for Columbus Home Buyers

Anyone eager to buy a home this spring probably has reasons to feel good. The job market is solid. Average pay is rising. And mortgage rates, even after edging up slightly as of late, are still near historic lows. And then there’s the bad news: Inventory levels are down and buyers are struggling to find […]

Is Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Tax Deductible?

Private mortgage insurance may be unavoidable — and it can increase the cost of your loan. But would you feel better about paying PMI if those premiums were tax deductible? If you put down less than 20 percent when you purchased your home, chances are you’re paying private mortgage insurance (PMI). While the deductibility of […]

7 Facts When Lending Children Money To Buy A Home

It’s no surprise that young adults have been slow to purchase their first home. Many face significant student loan debt and have struggled to save for a down payment due to rising rents. Parents today are looking for ways to extend a helping hand to get their children into their first home and on the […]

Mortgage Rates at an All-Time Low

The average U.S. rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage fell to 3.29% this week, the lowest ever recorded by Freddie Mac in a series that goes back to 1971. The rate fell 16 basis points from the prior week after the worst stock retreat since the 2008 financial crisis sent investors piling into the bond […]

The Consumer Shift in Real Estate and Where Housing is Headed

While not comprehensive, here we will outline some of the biggest trends in the way next-generation consumers are approaching housing starting with where we live and continuing with other trends in future articles.  Where we live: Welcome to Hipsturbia  Next-gen consumers will sacrifice their paychecks and oftentimes opportunities to own a home for the ability […]