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Is the Housing Market Heading for a Crash?

The housing market has been one of the strongest parts of the U.S. economy during the coronavirus pandemic but are rapidly rising home prices a warning sign of a real estate bubble? Could the U.S. housing market collapse as it did 14 years ago, triggering a severe recession? Talk to almost any real estate agent or housing […]

Homes with Pools are Selling at a Premium

Potential buyers of homes with in-ground swimming pools typically view them as either a relaxing oasis, social hub, and prime way to exercise—or just another maintenance hassle. Homes with pools have become a target of buyer envy in the era of COVID. Pool additions are soaring, and more house hunters say they want one, this […]

How Home Buyers Can Compete with All-Cash Offers

Homebuyers are doing all kinds of things to make their offers stand out in this low inventory seller’s market, including removing remedy and or inspection contingencies to bidding well over the asking price with appraisal gap coverage. One tried and true technique for making a competitive offer remains popular and that’s the all-cash offer. If you’re planning to finance your […]

Understanding the Ohio Probate Process

When you’re grieving, a complicated legal and financial process is the last thing you want to deal with. But often, that’s exactly what happens when families go through the probate process after losing a loved one. Understanding the probate process can help keep you from getting caught by surprise. Who takes charge of a will […]