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Million-dollar homes: Which communities have the most luxury homes? COUNTDOWN

What are the most exclusive communities in Columbus and central Ohio and where are the majority of the city’s luxury homes located? Our area certainly has its fair share of million dollar homes and while you can find these lavish properties in just about any Central Ohio community, the vast majority of these homes are found in twelve communities. The Central Ohio community with the most homes […]

Tips to Avoid Over-Improving Your Home

Can your house ever be too nice? The answer is yes. Unfortunately, there’s no simple measure to determine what constitutes an over improvement. How much is too much, depends a lot on what improvements you undertake, what’s happening in your neighborhood and, in the end, your personal reasons for improving. That said, when you sell […]

What Ranks High With Luxury Home Buyers

Today’s luxury homebuyers are savvier and more confident than ever, they know what they want and have the resources and capabilities to get it, allowing them to transform luxury living spaces into ultra-comfortable, high-tech homes. Gone are the days when overwhelming amounts of square footage equate to a dream home. The affluent consumer now seeks […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Vacation Home

Buying your primary home is like achieving an essential piece of the American dream. And once you’ve experienced the satisfaction of homeownership, you might be tempted to purchase another. Hey, who wouldn’t want a vacation getaway—especially if you can turn it into a cash cow by renting it out? While vacation homes can be an excellent source […]

Columbus Ohio’s Most Expensive Homes for Sale – Q1 2015

Here we’ve compile a list of the most expensive million dollar homes on the market and available for sale in Columbus and Central Ohio. Some luxury homes never officially hit the market — their owners choose to shop quietly for qualified buyers through well-connected brokers. Buyers interested in considering any of the properties included below, as well as unlisted properties (pocket listings) are […]

New Mortgage Product Could Change Lending

Two major banks are hoping to overhaul the 15-year mortgage, making it more accessible to low and moderate-income people. The banks suggest these changes will help borrowers build equity at a much faster pace than they would with a standard loan. In addition, the creators of the Wealth Building Home Loan, which allows home buyers to build equity at […]

Get a C.L.U.E. Before Buying a Home

A little detective work can reveal a lot about a property’s history, and could save you from unexpected surprises later. If you’re buying a home, it’s a good idea to request a C.L.U.E. report at the time you make your initial offer. If there’s been serious damage and/or insurance related repairs to the house, you’ll not […]