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Life Expectancy of Common Household Items

Many factors affect the life expectancy of housing components and need to be considered when making replacement decisions, including the quality of the components, the quality of their installation, their level of maintenance, weather and climatic conditions, and intensity of their use. Some components remain functional but become obsolete because of changing styles and tastes […]

Tips to Buying a New Home

Buying a new home entails an entirely different set of issues than buying a pre-owned (existing) home. You have access to more information on the building materials and systems than you do on existing construction and as a subsequent buyer, but unknowns lurk, including: What will the completed neighborhood look like? Will it include all […]

6 Real Estate Secrets from Investors

You’ve seen the TV shows: Individual finds a foreclosed home in the best neighborhood in town, scoops up said property for a steal, fixes it up, and sells it for a significant profit. What those DIY and home improvement shows don’t necessarily show you is just how tough flipping houses for a profit can actually be. But […]

Get a C.L.U.E. Before Buying a Home

A little detective work can reveal a lot about a property’s history, and could save you from unexpected surprises later. If you’re buying a home, it’s a good idea to request a C.L.U.E. report at the time you make your initial offer. If there’s been serious damage and/or insurance related repairs to the house, you’ll not […]

How Accurate are Zillow Zestimates?

Click here or image above to play video https://youtu.be/siTPLLX9wPc Since its launch in 2006, Zillow has taken heat over its Zestimates. Many homeowners have complained that the company’s automated home valuations don’t accurately reflect the true value of their homes. A formal complaint was also filed with the Federal Trade Commission alleging Zillow is misleading […]