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Reasons Behind Limited Housing Inventory

As spring approaches consumers are starting to plan for 2017, especially if they want to buy or sell a home. We regularly ask our clients about their home-buying or -selling journey, what motivates them—and what’s holding them back. This time of year, our pool of prospective sellers largely shifts towards those who are just starting their research but […]

Housing Market in Need of More New Homes

We need more houses. It’s going to take a long time until we have enough. Check out what happened during and after the housing bust that began in 2008: Single-family house construction cratered. House completions have recovered a bit since 2011, but they’re barely above the depths of the 1982 recession. Single-family home construction is […]

Million-dollar homes: Which communities have the most luxury homes? COUNTDOWN

What are the most exclusive communities in Columbus and central Ohio and where are the majority of the city’s luxury homes located? Our area certainly has its fair share of million dollar homes and while you can find these lavish properties in just about any Central Ohio community, the vast majority of these homes are found in twelve communities. The Central Ohio community with the most homes […]