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Decisions Faced When Inheriting a Home

Inheriting a property can often come as a shock and may feel a bit overwhelming especially when this comes in the wake of a family tragedy or death. Being the executor of an estate can be especially challenging. The largest asset in an estate—and the most difficult to resolve—is typically the house. While the specific […]

Do Open Houses Work?

Once a primary tool for real-estate agents looking to sell a home, experts say the traditional open house has lost its influence in the Internet age. Nearly 96% of buyers search online for homes, while only half that number visit open houses, according to a 2017 report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). And […]

Who Pays the Real Estate Agent

Most home buyers and sellers work with a real estate agent, and the agent charges a commission. How much is the commission, and who pays it? The answer in both cases is: the terms are set in the listing contract the seller signs. Typically the buyer and the seller each have their own agent, and the […]