Why a Home is the Best Investment

America is, by and large, a nation of homeowners. Though more than 100 million Americans rent, they’re outnumbered two-to-one by Americans who own their own home, according to data from the U.S. Census.. Ask the 64% of Americans who currently own homes why they made the decision to stop renting. They will describe the personal satisfaction as well as the  numerous financial advantages of investing in real estate. That’s because the home you purchase is not just a great place to live, but also an outstanding investment!

Appreciation & The Magic Of Leveraging
Potential for consistent, reliable appreciation is a very important consideration for any investment, and on this point,  a new home is a winner. Unlike riskier investments which can become worthless virtually overnight, homes generally increase steadily in value. Not to mention owning your home means that your monthly payment contributes to your own net worth instead of your landlord’s, as the equity in your property builds up over time. Real estate values in Central Ohio grow at an average rate of 3-4 percent each year. While this may seem like a modest return, buyers should consider the power of leveraging. A home is what’s known as a leveraged asset, that is if you purchase your home with a mortgage you’re likely to so with a down payment of 20% of less. While you may only put 20% down, you earn the appreciation on your homes total value and thus if you purchase a $200,000 home the appreciation you would earn in that first year of ownership would be $20,000 (rather than $4,000 on your $40,000 down payment)! A fixed rate mortgage provides yet another benefit in that it ensures you won’t be subject to periodic rent increases, thus allowing you to forecast and plan your monthly budget with confidence.

Tax Benefits: For Home Owners Only
There are unique tax benefits that apply only to homeownership and which have made it a stand out for decades. Homeowners can deduct 100 percent of their mortgage interest payments (on their purchase loan up to $1,000,000) and property taxes, as well as profits of up to $250,000 per individual, or $500,000 per couple on the sale of a principle residence which are excluded from tax as capital gains.

Building Personal Wealth
For most American’s, homeownership is a fundamental first step towards accumulating personal wealth, and is the largest contributing factor to a household’s net worth. In 2000, home equity accounted for 44 percent of the nation’s total net worth – far more than any other investments, including retirement accounts, stock and mutual fund shares, savings bonds, and other financial accounts.

Personal Satifaction & The Pride Of Ownership
Despite all it’s financial benefits a home cannot be completely valued in monetary terms. That’s because it is so much more than just an investment. Not only is homeownership a stepping stone to a future of financial security, it provides a permanent place to call home and enormous personal satisfaction. It strengthens the nation’s people, it’s communities and families. It is truly the cornerstone of the American way of life, and the foundation of the  American Dream.

Real estate is the best investment!

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