Where Does One Buy Grocery Items Downtown

This  is a common  question with both local and out of town buyers  who are considering  condos, or other housing options  in  our cities  downtown  district.  While the Central West and East Markets  are  gone, and in most cases forgotten, the North Market is still going strong, along with a few other local œmodern-day options.

There are currently 4 full service grocery stores within 2 miles  of the center of downtown Columbus. The  locations are:

1) Kroger Marketplace in the Brewery District – 1.1 miles


2) Giant Eagle in Victorian Village  – 1.4 miles


3) Giant Eagle in German Village – 1.7 miles


4) Kroger between Campus and the Short North  – 1.9 miles


Looking for meats? The Columbus Meat Packers Outlet on the corner of Main and Fifth Street  is  a great spot for buying in bulk for the deep freezer.

Fresh breads, wines, desserts, and other takeout items can be had at most Delis around downtown. One of my favorites is Juergen™s in German Village.

Additionally, there are 3 CVS Drug Stores (High & State, Livingston & Parsons, and Neil & Buttles), a City Pharmacy (Main & Washington), and a UDF (High & First). The truly savvy downtown residents also know that downtown™s many hotels all have their own convenience stores where you can quickly grab some milk, snacks, and toiletries.

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