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How to Improve Your Credit Score

So you’re considering buying a home and you’ve got it all planned out: a four-bedroom home in the top local school district and your favorite neighborhood including a manicured lawn, a finished basement with a theater room and—why not?—an outdoor kitchen. Slow down… one of the first steps in buying a home is to clean up your credit score, also called a […]

What is a Good Faith Estimate (GFE)

A Good Faith Estimate (GFE) is a form that lists basic information about the terms of a mortgage loan for which you’ve applied. The GFE includes the estimated costs you’ll have to pay for the home loan. The Good Faith Estimate provides you with basic information about the loan including the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), […]

New Mortgage Product Could Change Lending

Two major banks are hoping to overhaul the 15-year mortgage, making it more accessible to low and moderate-income people. The banks suggest these changes will help borrowers build equity at a much faster pace than they would with a standard loan. In addition, the creators of the Wealth Building Home Loan, which allows home buyers to build equity at […]