Columbus Third Most Stable Housing Market In The Country


That’s according to and Moody’s The list was comprised of America’s Forty Biggest Cities and was based on a range of factors including the state of the local economies, new construction contracts, foreclosure rates, local credit markets, sales rates, affordability and inventory. The cities rounding out the top five of the list include:

America’s Most Stable Housing Markets

1. Seattle, WA

2. Pittsburgh, PA

3. Columbus, OH

4. Dallas, TX

5. St. Louis, MO

While Columbus is experiencing a bit of a downturn it doesn’t reflect what’s happening across the country. The fact is the market is not as bad as the national media says it is, at least not here. Real Estate is local and  influenced by a number of  local factors. There are several factors that have kept  our local market  in check, foremost amongst these is  Columbus never experienced the boom and thus isn’t experiencing the severe bust.  Unlike other markets which  experienced irrational rates of appreciation and quickly  became overvalued, homes in Columbus have appreciated at rates similar to years past as such prices have held relatively steady.

Columbus Home Prices – What They Have To Say

Annual Price Change From 2006: -1.2%

Projected Price Change to 2008: 3.49%

Next year Columbus should boast the eighth-fastest sales rate of the 40 markets examined.

This suggests the market should correct itself by 2008, which makes sense as it’s  not a market problem we have here in Columbus but rather a supply issue. The building industry typically works two or three years  ahead, buying land and building speculative (spec) homes. This isn’t a problem as long as sales are consistent, but that wasn’t the case  this year. After several record setting years, developers and builders  kept  working at these levels, and  when the correction hit, they were left with an inventory of land, lots and homes.  As such inventory levels are up sharply, currently there are  19,397 home for sale in Columbus.

When builders are stuck with excess inventory, they typically attempt to attract buyers with offers of discounts or free upgrades. Sometimes cutting thousands off the sales price or offering  a free upgrade to a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite counter-tops.  As inventory levels fall, as they are doing now, builders are under less pressure to sell and will begin to  do away with these discounts.  

Interest Rates are also playing a significant role in the absorption of  our city’s  housing inventory.  Interest rates are still at historic lows, encouraging many buyers to take advantage of this rare opportunity to purchase a home well below market value,  with a loan offering an interest rate that is unlikely to been seen again for years, if ever! The mortgage rate  for 30-year fixed loans  are currently at 6.125% (6.875% for jumbo loans, that is  those in excess of $417K).

Good news for existing home owners, while inventory levels are up and prices have come down slightly, homes are still selling. According to MLS statistics, so far this year 19,339 homes have been sold with an average sales price of $170,286, and an average days on market of 116 days. For the same time period in 2006, the number closed was 20,583 with an average sale price of $172,990 and an average days on market of 105 days. Not a huge change from last year. The average days on market is just that though, an average.  There are homes that are still being sold in under 60 days and the  key difference between those homes and the ones that are on the market for over 120 days is condition, and price. The homes that are selling in this slower market are the ones that are in the best shape and are priced competitively (to sell). One of the problems with being able to price a home to sell is that many people want to price it based on what they “feel” it is worth, or what they “need” to get out of the sale. The problem with that is ultimately buyers control prices. A buyer doesn’t have the emotional attachment to the home and bases the purchase price off of comparable homes (a buyer will not pay more for your home if they can get a similar home, with similar amenities for less).

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