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Short Sales

  With many Americans still facing the very real threat of foreclosure, many are looking for ways to avoid it. One option, and a topic that has garnered a lot of industry interest, is a real estate short sale. Short Sales have become an increasingly popular, and common foreclosure avoidance tactic for homeowners but what are […]

FHA Reduces Waiting Period for Borrowers Who Experienced a Short Sale, Foreclosure or Deed-In-Lieu

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is allowing borrowers who went through a bankruptcy, foreclosure, deed-in-lieu, or short sale to re-enter the market and purchase a home using an FHA insured mortgage in as little as 12 months, according to a mortgage letter released Friday 8/23/13. Currently borrowers who experienced a foreclosure, deed-in-lieu, or short sale must […]

Fifth Third Short Sale

Fifth Third Short Sales – Getting Started The first step to initiating a short sale with Fifth Third is to list the home with a Realtor who specializes in short sales and has significant experience with this lender. Your agent will be critical to the success of your transaction and while many agents have begun […]